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      As a firm who understands the obligations placed upon us by virtue of the audit assurance, tax management, and advisory services we render, including the ramifications of non-compliance, we have incorporated a fully functional regulatory compliance services Department charged with responsibilities that include:

      • Ensuring that all engagements satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements imposed by existing legislation.
      • Rendering research work and legal opinions to aid us in furtherance of our client engagements.
      • Advising us on all matters that impact on our obligations to clients generally.
      • Undertaking any other service(s) incidental to the above that guarantees optimum service delivery to our esteemed clients.

      The Regulatory Compliance department is also responsible for the operations and services required of Goldwyns Advisory (a subsidiary firm of Goldwyns Chartered Accountants) which is registered to render company secretarial services that include:

      • Regulatory Compliance with CAC – All statutory filings in the specified timelines by CAMA and subsidiary legislations.
      • Regulatory compliance with any other legislation(s) and regulator(s) as they may apply.

      Administrative Duties:

      • Organise all Board, Board Committees and General Meetings of client company in conjunction with the management of the company.
      • Maintaining statutory books and records required by the relevant law(s).

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