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      An effective Board of Directors of a company duly constituted to deliver the objectives and mission of the shareholders with unwavering commitment is perhaps the greatest asset of any organization. While dedicated and highly skilled and talented staff are very critical to the success of the company, their resourceful talents, skills and priceless experience will go to waste without the guided focus, direction and leadership that an effective Board provides.

      Board evaluation programs provide an independent assessment of the Board collectively and individually. The process critically examines the composition of the Boards of Companies, the nomination processes, contribution of Board members, policies assessment and impact analysis on value to the shareholders, measurement of the effectiveness of the Board’s sub committees and associated compliance checks.

      The institution of this program in companies is a requirement of companies listed on Stock Exchanges, offering opportunities for the engendering of compliance with the code of corporate governance and a concomitant burden on Board members to put in their level best during their terms.

      Goldwyns Nigeria has developed the skill set for the effective delivery of these programs to companies in alliance with Goldwyns – UK. Specific proposals are available to present this service to organizations offering more details on the program.

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